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Introducing Myself

Welcome Forums 2. Introduce Yourself Introducing Myself

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    Hi, my name is Lucius.

    I have been sleepwalking for 10 years ago since i was 5. At first i don’t believe this but my parents told me that sometimes when i fell asleep, i  would sleepwalk.

    At first it wasn’t that bad. It felt like a really surreal dream like when i walk in real life, i would walk in my dreams too.

    When i told this to my parents, they started to worry about me. They started to put some cctv around the house for some safety measures, and lock every doors at night including the bathroom and the kitchen.

    I tried to convinced my parents that it’s okay, there’s nothing to worry about, i suggested them to only lock my bedroom door and unlock everything else. My parents somehow agreed with that and started doing that.

    But last week i had a nightmare. I woke up in a place similar to my home. I started to walk around and realized someone’s following me. I tried to keep up my pace as it tried to catch me and i ended up in my kitchen, a dead end.

    I searched for a knife thinking i could threatened him to stay away. When it came closer and closer, i woke up.

    With sweaty hands i took a deep breath and realized it was only a dream. I put out my blanket and in my right hand, there’s a knife. I am holding it.

    Do you guys know how to stop this from happening? I’ve tried to go to a therapist and she said to get some sleeping pills but it only works for a while. Can you please help me?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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