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    This probably doesn’t matter or have any relevance to the documentary, but a few things have happened in my life that I figured I should mention.

    I should probably start from the beginning, which in my case was when I was five or six years old. My family and I were visiting Yellowstone, and, since I’ve always been a terrible sleeper, I’m always up way later than my family. Anyway, as on many nights before, I lay awake in my RV, wishing I could sleep. But, as I was finally about to drift off, I was distracted by the sound of footsteps outside the window. I figured it was probably an animal of some kind, but it sounded like there were a lot of them. I looked outside the window, and, to my surprise, there were no animals. Instead, two or three people were walking together in the same direction. Being an idiotic kid, and being unable to sleep, I decided to get up and follow them. I tried to talk to them a few times, but they didn’t respond. I kept following them for a few minutes, and the longer they walked, the more people joined them. They eventually came to a sort of crevasse in the forest, and at this point, there must have been nine or ten of them. All of them slowly walked into the crevasse. For some reason, I knew that following them down there would be a very bad idea. I sprinted back to the RV as fast as I could and hurriedly told my parents about the event. They told me it was a nightmare, and not to worry, and I guess I believed them and tried to forget about it. For the rest of my time at Yellowstone, I thought I saw glimpses of something in the woods. I wasn’t sure what it was-probably a wolf or a bear, or, more likely, my imagination-but it scared me. From that point, wherever my family and I lived or visited, there were disappearances. I never saw any more sleepwalkers, nor did I see any shadows in the corner of my eye, but mysterious disappearances were extremely common. I’m not sure if this matters, or if it’s all some kind of coincidence, but the event you showed in your documentary looks exactly like what I witnessed at Yellowstone all those years ago, so here I am, telling my story

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