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Sleep Paralysis Here, Not Sleep Walking

Welcome Forums 2. Introduce Yourself Sleep Paralysis Here, Not Sleep Walking

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    Hello! I’m going to attempt to make this simple.
    I don’t exactly feel comfortable saying my real name, but you can call me Ometeotl or Ome for short. I’m currently nineteen years old and I reside in the United States Of America, Texas to be exact.

    I’m not a sleep walker, I do tend to shift in my sleep and even mumble garbled nonsense. Maybe if I’m feeling particularly active I’ll sit up then promptly lay back down. Rather average considering that I am genetically more predisposed to moving around at night. No biggie as far as other cases I’ve seen go.

    However where I really find my place is with Sleep Paralysis. I started getting it when I was about fourteen-fifteen in that area. Where sleep walking is moving from your bed and becoming mobile, sleep paralysis pins you to your bed and forces you to more often then not sit through terrible hallucinations.

    I’ve been dealing with it on my own for several years now and it would be nice to find someone else like me. Maybe exchange a tip or two on how to deal with it (For example I leave a salt lamp on at night. That way if an episode happens when I break from it, the night light helps me calm down from my panic.) Anyways I’m glad I found this place. Seems to be full of lovely people.
    Can’t wait to start really talking.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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