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    MY BIO-

    Hello all, My name is Elizabeth John. I’m 15 years old! I’m doing a science fair project on why do people sleepwalk! However, I applicable to this forum because I am recovering from being sleep deprived. I used to be basically nocturnal and be up all night studying and still have to go to school and it was hard for me to focus in school. Now that I have entered high school over the winter break god help me realize that I sleep deprived I guess I didn’t realize it because I was used to it and I wasn’t eating very much either. That leads me to be depressed up until last week. I also have panic attacks but I still get those but I have a wonderful support group and still have trouble going to sleep and I’ve learned a lot from my science fair project would like to share it with y’all but I’d need to test it out first to make sure it’s safe! I am currently looking for a 30-year-old man and an eight-year-old boy or anyone else who is willing to help we wouldn’t necessarily have to meet up we could use google duo but I would also need dependable contact information. You would also have to get cleared by a doctor first! I will post my hypothesis and experiment procedure doesn’t it doesn’t involve getting needles and such pushed through your skin!LOL:)PLEASE DM ME ASAP IF YOUR INTERESTED GOAL START DATE IS 1/7/19(YOU WOULD NEED TO GO TO THE DOCTOR BEFORE THAN CONTACT ME IF THERE ARE ANY PROBLEMS!)


    If a scientist believes that sleepwalking is caused by lack of sleep interrupted sleep or inefficient sleep then sleepwalking is caused by a frameshift mutation in DNA a deletion caused by a change in length of gene neurons which causes meningitis, dark adaptation, and binocular vision. The dark adaptation and binocular vision occur in the lachrymal gland and its function unconscious use of the five scenes which by have to do with Lactic acid fermentation. The body melatonin was mutated which causes disturbances in consciousness. Lactic acid fermentation is a metabolic process by which glucose and other six-carbon sugars are converted into cellular energy and the metabolite lactate, which is lactic acid in solution. Which cause mental disturbances. The body trying to maintain homeostasis with white blood cells or pathogens working to get the body use to recognize when it’s time to go to bed and go to sleep. Which can cause anxiety and lead to fear of falling (FOF) also referred to as Katarreophobia? Like when Anastasia was sleepwalking the in the movie Anastasia or when Bazzi “I had a dream about you last night your eyes were shining so bright… I need this forever beautiful dream yeah yeah don’t what it means…. all I know is I don’t … I need this forever!”Sleepwalking can be used as the body’s way of relieving stress through the hormone cortisol the formula is C21 H 30 O5! Which is caused by inflammation in the anterior pituitary called hypophysis. The thyroid which controls the rate of the body’s chemical activity or metabolism and adrenals which affect metabolism. The adrenal glands which control awakened and the pituitary, which controls growth and the activity of the adrenal, thyroid and sex or reproductive glands! And Adrenaline is also a hormone associated with stress. When people have trouble sleeping from stress in their life and on their bodies Pneumoconiosis develops from inhaling infected mucus into the lower respiratory passages. Which cause some people to have deviated septum! Cause snoring. We have experienced the same process every day during conscription when we need to go potty as my favorite Texas history teacher Mr.Baxmann would say. Which is similar to people sleepwalking and having uncontrollable sudden conscious and unconsciousness causes inflammation in the eardrum, auditory bones, increase in pressure which causes to us to lose hearing and the decrease in presence of touch the intricate nerve endings which gave rise to the sense of touch are located right under the epidermis. The taste the sense organ is mostly localized in the so-called circumvallate papillae of the tongue! Which in this way even with closed eyes, we are able to distinguish the position in which our head is situated! So what I would suggest is to make your bed into a cave(man) like bears do and sleep with a comfort item(teddy bear) or partner or parent. Lay on your back or whatever position you are most commonly in while relaxing, put on some tones (if needed,) or cover your eyes with a mask, and stay as still as possible take some zzzquil have a calcium based product go to sleep after eating a big meal but makes sure you go potty before bed! Do this 30 days to develop a habit only take the zzzquil when you absolutely can’t sleep! To train your body and thus maintain homeostasis! Develop a nighttime routine get 9 hours so your body can go through all of the stages of the R.E.M. Cycle to get to stage three deep sleep! Which may also have to do with Newton’s third law when a body is at rest its stays at rest when a body is in motion it stays in motion! I know some of my research is just fiction but ask yourself where do the Arthurs, Musician, Directors, and Comedians get their ideas and reference from real life! How do you think scientist come up with theories life! (Life science) Biology is the study of life. I mean I’m talking PreAP biology I ought to know.


    1) Participates would go to the doctor before 1/7/19 8pm-5am central standard time! (I will change the date to a 1/12/19!)

    2) Install google duo on a device and contact me if you would like to participate before 1/7/18

    3) You would have to eat 3 good hardy meals before the meetup time which is 7 pm 1/7/19 CENTRAL STANDARD TIME

    4) You would have to contact me before to help develop a nighttime routine if you don’t already have one or need assistance.

    5) For the adult of serve sleepwalking, you would have to ask your doctor if you can purchase zzzquil. Same for the teenager.

    6)You would need a calcium based product it could be just milk but you can use Oreos. (It sounds weird just go with it. :))

    7) I’m looking for 4 different types of people

    an infant girl or boy (Between 9-a year)

    An adult between the age of 28-32 years old who has to serve sleepwalking difficulties

    A mature child between the age of 7-8 years old that has not yet started puberty.

    A mature teenager between the age of  14-16 that is in (preferred)high school(8th graders may be considered.)

    8) The adult would have to try in sleep with a spouse(In a comforting way so like arm and arm around them (The person who sleepwalks)) or comfort item. (teddy bear or pillow or something soft)

    The baby would sleep how it normally does.

    The teen would have to sleep with a comfort item.

    The child would have to sleep with a parent or comfort item.

    9) If your bed or where ever you sleep is not comfortable you would have to personalize it and make it as comfortable as possible add more pillows and blankets to accommodate the position and which you relax in. (Relaxing meaning watching Netflix or something.)

    10) At 7:00 pm you would contact me a via skype, facetime, google duo or text, You would record yourself getting ready for bed after dinner. You would have an alarm ready for 5 am to get nine hours after going to bed at 8 pm because of the younger participates. The teen and the adult would take zzzquil and eat an Oreo. The younger participates would have milk. (The 8-year-old can would also have an oreo if wanted.) The baby may or may not be able to eat solids.

    11) Everyone would sleep in complete darkest and silence at 8 pm.

    12) We’d all meet up at 5 am to look at the footage and get feedback. (Sorry if the experiment is on 1/7/19 I would have school the next day.)


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