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Weird Sleepwalking/scratching(?)

Welcome Forums 2. Introduce Yourself Weird Sleepwalking/scratching(?)

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    Hey everyone! I’m Julia. I’m about to start my third semester studying English in a college in the deep south (USA) where I’ve lived all my life. I was drawn to this forum by the documentary series blackout, like a lot of you were. I’ve had my own issues with sleepwalking/talking/screaming(?) but none as serious as Ethans. For example, I’ve never left my house or really “lost time”. Still, its nice to have found a community of people going through the same kinds of things I am 🙂

    My problems with sleep started when I was about four years old. After my 4th birthday, I just stopped being able to go to sleep easily, like a switch had been flicked, and was up for three straight days and and two straight nights. Then my parents took me to a sleep doctor and I’ve been taking medication for sleep ever since. It still sometimes takes me hours to fall asleep thouhg, and everyone who’s slept in the same room as me as told me I talk or “make sounds” in my sleep. In spite of all these problems I never noticed any evidence of sleepwalking, other than being on my floor when I wake up instead of in my bed a couple times a week. Until a couple months ago when I started waking up on the staircase and with scratches. Since october, every week or two I will wake up halfway downstairs and with a new kinda-painful little scratch on my leg. At first I thought they were bug bites or something, but lately they’ve been getting deeper and longer and I think I’ve been scratching myself in my sleep (its really hot in my room so I sleep in short sinstead of long pants). Im not that worried about it since I know we all have dealt with way worse but its weird, right?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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